One evening while returning from office, I was commuting from Noida to Dwarka by Metro(ladies compartment). As usual, I was listening to music (list of selected songs from my playlist) and was going through my phone applications (WhatsApp/ Facebook/ Instagram/In shorts) randomly.

There was a girl standing in front of me who had just boarded the metro from the last station which was Akshardham. She had a very pretty face, unusual innocence on her face and a flawless skin that can turn heads not only for attention but also for admiration. Also, she had a good height may be around 5’6’’, lean body and attractive personality.

By her casual dressing sense I could easily judge she is a Delhiite and from her sharp features (especially pointed nose) she looked like bashful punjabi girl next door. Like me, she was also returning from her office as she was carrying sling laptop bag and a lunch box.

I continued watching her from the corner of my eye (so that I don’t get caught while staring) and felt little envious of her being so perfect, usually I don’t do that but that’s quite normal. I could not believe how anybody can be so perfectly build. She was not a celebrity but she can definitely give few of them run for their money with her charismatic appearance. Trust me she looked no less than a celebrity. For A while I became slight comparative and few questions were raised unnecessarily on my mind.

Oh god why I am short? Oh God you could have spared some height for me also. Few inches at least. I also thought badly about myself for the weight I am gaining continuously due to bad daily routine and lack of exercise (Comparison is the most natural human tendency).

Then after few minutes, I shifted my view and stopped thinking all these stupid things, leaned my head comfortably, closed my eyes and resumed listening to music. Iktara song (from wake up sid) had started playing at that time and the musical notations at the beginning made me feel nonchalant. The starting few lines made me realize the current state of my mind were matching exactly with those.

“Oh re manwa tu to bawra hai , tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai”

“Oh my mind, you are like a nomad. Only you know what you are thinking.”

After few minutes, By the time we reached Barakhamba station , I opened my eyes and I could not believe what I saw.

I noticed the same pretty girl had transtibial prosthesis. (I.e. she had artificial limb). Her one leg below the knee was completely false and she had artificial limb operated for normal movement. I could not hold my tears seeing this and was taken aback for a while. I quickly cleared my eyes and stood up for offering seat to her. She refused it smilingly and said no thanks. I could sense the pride in her expressions that I can stand like everyone else and “maybe I am special but I don’t need special treatment”. All my feeling for her changed from envious to respect. I appreciated her gesture with a calm smile. I insisted on holding her belongings at least, She smiled back and said “OK”.

I cannot express what I was feeling at that time. Multiple thoughts were going on my mind like how brave she is, how can god be so unfair to her, why the hell I compared myself like this, why the hell I dint see her first and offered her seat in the very first look, I cursed myself for being so careless.

After few stations she got a vacant seat and she took back her belongings from me and sat and started watching some videos (on her IPhone). I continued looking at her and realized it’s hard to find someone of equal naturalness which includes beauty and dignity both.

Then I got down at my station , felt very sorry for my prior feelings and Thanked god for making me what I am. Also, asked him to be kind to others also.

Second Incident with the same girl:

After few months, when I was hopping in a mall near near by with my cousin I was surprised to see the same shy girl (I recognized her) but this time with a companion (good looking guy). By their body language I understood he might be her boyfriend or fiance who also came for shopping from lifestyles. The guy was tall, fair, handsome and perfect with his Punjabi looks. According to me, they both made a very gorgeous couple. I watched them from little distance and also made my cousin notice and shared my metro story to her. She also felt the same and gained respect for her.

I felt so happy for the pretty special girl. Above all, I felt very respectful for the guy and wanted to thank him for being so good human. We need such guys and girls more in our society who don’t bother for their partner’s flaws and accept the person as he or she is.

I don’t know why I met her for the second time may be that day(metro day) I had so many unanswered questions on my mind regarding her. I was worried for her that God wanted me to see her happy and settled in her life despite of being specially abled. You can call it a hell of a coincidence.

Conclusion: By this incidence I realized always to be happy and content. The other person may be prettier, wealthier or healthier than you but there might be some void in their life too that cannot be filled with anything. May be you have something in your life that the other person can only dream of. I thank god every day for giving me good life, best parents, loving husband, and understanding and caring in laws, and great friends. Perhaps, I am imperfect, have so many flaws but I am happy in my own world. However, I don’t (unlike many) compare but from that day on wards I have decided not to repeat my foolish mistake of comparison ever again. For sure, this human tendency can be handled by all of us. Try applying this formula of not comparing and see the positive changes in your world. May be you have something which other don’t have. Do not let the supreme power take that away from you for fulfilling your useless wishes.

God is maintaining our lives very well through balance wheel.

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